Hoppy Valentine’s Day surprise

Florists preparing bouquets for Valentine’s Day were shocked to find a tiny frog nestled among the petals of exotic flowers from Africa.

Staff at Easthams Secret Garden in Blackburn, Lancs, called the RSPCA. Shop manager Joanne Woods said: “We’d had a delivery of heliconias from Ivory Coast in a flat-pack box which had been shipped by air.

“I was just about to start arranging the stems for Valentine’s Day orders when I found the little frog. I carefully caught him in a glass vase and called the RSPCA.”

RSPCA inspector Nina Small collected him. “The frog was very well camouflaged amongst the beautiful orange and red heliconias,” she said.

“Thankfully, the florists spotted the stowaway and called us to help; otherwise, the frog could have gone unnoticed and may not have survived. Also, someone might have had quite a shock on receiving a surprise bouquet on Valentine’s Day!”


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