Window warning for cat owners as warm weather hits

Blue Cross has issued a warning to cat owners of the dangers of open windows and balconies after treating felines for falls.

Several curious cats have suffered broken bones in recent weeks after falling from heights, with three needing help for shattered pelvises.

Seb Prior, Blue Cross senior veterinary surgeon said: “It is a myth to think that cats will always fall on all four paws.

“They may well land on their paws but the impact from such a great fall can easily shatter bones, like we can see for these three poor pusses, who are lucky to be alive.”

Mr Prior added: “Open only upper parts of windows or put safety mesh firmly across them so that cats don’t fall out. Don’t let your cat sunbathe on a balcony even if you think they won’t jump or fall – it is a risk for any cat and the consequences can be devastating.”

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