Tips to stay warm and active with dogs this winter

Lintbells has put together some tips on how to keep both owners and dogs active and motivated during the winter months.

The company said that when outside, owners need to be aware of those fallen conkers and acorns. While they are a wonderful part of the colder months, they can be harmful to dogs and can cause nasty stomach problems.

Also, they need to watch out for the salt and other chemicals used to prevent ice on roads and pavements as this can be harmful to pets. When talking to owners, don’t let this stop them from walking them, but sdvise them to always wash the paws when you get home.

When the weather is too cold to take the dog on a walk, advise owners to make sure to keep them active indoors instead. Hide and seek is a brilliant activity, as it can be done safely even in the smallest homes.

Being less active, especially during the colder months, can give rise to stiff joints. Joint stiffness can be quite common in dogs, regardless of their age. So, this winter why not advise owners to take a pledge to stay active and eat right to ensure they and their dog are getting all the right nutrients.

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