Study warns pet owners over raw meat bug risk

A new study advises pet owners to not feed raw meat to their cats and dogs because it may carry deadly bugs.

The study has found the food often contains food poisoning bugs such as E coli, salmonella and listeria. Researchers say cats have already died after eating raw meat, while reporting cases of gastroenteritis in greyhounds.

The study, published in British journal the Veterinary Record, looked at brands of raw pet food sold in the Netherlands.

The Dutch study’s co-author Professor Paul Overgaauw, from the University of Utrecht, said: “People who feed their dogs and cats raw meat think they are doing the best for their animals.

“It is very difficult to convince them it is not advisable because of this word ‘natural’ which you always hear in the marketing.

“This study shows the prevalence of bugs which may cause serious illness and food poisoning in raw food – and it is not as safe as dried or canned food.”

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