RSPCA received 10,000 reports of firework incidents

RSPCA has reported that this year, it received 10,694 reports of firework incidents from concerned animal owners.

An online reporting page, set up specifically for fireworks for the first time this year, has allowed worried owners to report issues directly to us.

Of the responses, 96% said their animals felt fear after neighbours let off private fireworks with no prior warning. 87% of these responses related to dogs, 22% to cats, 7% to small furries and 6% to horses (some people who have used the reporting system may own more than one animal).

RSPCA also received 64 calls to our cruelty line to report fireworks-related issues in November alone.

RSPCA campaigns manager Carrie Stones said: “Sadly this year we have again heard many distressing stories of dogs, cats, horses and wildlife left in fear due to fireworks. Whilst it is encouraging to see that supermarkets are selling low noise fireworks and some local councils are now setting their own guidelines, this shows us that we still have a long way to go.

“We have heard of dogs going missing after running away in fear and some owners having to leave their homes to go to a remote location once the fireworks start up to try to calm their animals down.”

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