RSPCA calls for action on fireworks

The RSPCA urged animal lovers and anyone affected by the use of fireworksto take action by submitting their views to the UK Parliamentary Petitions Committee.

The Petitions Committee inquiry was launched thanks to public action which saw more than 370,000 people sign a petition, backed by our support.

Mary Stevens, the RSPCA’s campaign manager, said the charity backed the action due to the fear and distress caused to many animals by fireworks and it wants action taken to restrict the use to reduce their impact on animals, including pets, horses, wildlife and livestock.

Ms Stevens said: “This just goes to show that action taken by the public makes a difference – everyone that has signed a fireworks petition in recent years should be proud that they have got us this far.

“Our stats show that in November last year, we received 254 calls about fireworksand this year, already (despite it not being close to the traditional fireworks season) we have received 16 calls.”

Julie Doorne, lead petitioner and fireworks campaigner, said: “After many years of highlighting public concern, I am really pleased the issue of fireworks is being taken seriously through this inquiry.”

What the RSPCA wants to achieve

  • We want to restrict private use on all but four days of the year; November 5, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali;
  • The maximum permitted noise level of fireworks for public sale reduced from 120 decibels and also due consideration given to the type and frequency of noise;
  • Tighter restrictions should be placed on the sale of fireworks in the run-up to Bonfire night – at present they can be sold from October 15 through to November 10; and
  • All public fireworks displays licensed by the relevant licensing authority, with information about the proposed display provided in the local area and a process for local residents to appeal against the granting of the licence.
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