In the pink

Mainstream fashion forecasters say that we’ll be in the pink this Spring , writes Carolyn Henderson. We’ll also be sporting navy, ruffles, nautical stripes and sharply-cut tweeds.

So what does that have to do with country and equestrian ranges? A lot, according to stylist and equestrian and country clothing industry expert Ashley Rossiter.

“We’re all influenced by fashion, even if we don’t realise it,” says Ashley. “When you’re walking around your local shopping centre, or even when you’re watching television, you’ll see certain colours and styles predominating.”

You might not like every trend, but whatever your age, gender or build, some will appeal. If you’re updating your wardrobe, they will sneak in without you realising: one shopper will vie away from a bright pink gilet that another loves, but will be happy to wear a darker garment with bright trim details.

“The internet has had a huge impact on our awareness of trends and the way we buy,” says Ashley. “Burberry was the first big name to livestream its fashion show, which meant that everyone could see new ideas as soon as they hit the catwalk, rather than having to wait for fashion editors to feature them. Now, that’s the norm. We expect fashion to be instantly accessible.”

Country clothing has become a fashion statement. It now has to look good and perform well, which is why wellies and waterproof leather boots will now take you from country to town.

There will always be a dividing line between workwear and designer country clothing, but Ashley says that many country people are discerning shoppers. They’re prepared to invest in quality, stylish classics because they know that on a cost per wear basis, they get more for their money.

“The ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ approach still works for those who want to wear a garment for a season, then replace it, but more of us are investing in key items that will become staples in our wardrobes,” she says.

Even horses and pets can be hot to trot. Owners looking to replace rugs, headcollars and so on will find that well-dressed animals will be wearing bright blue and – not surprisingly – pink.

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