Preparing puppies for a return to normality

As we prepare for a return to normality with the roadmap out of lockdown, recent research indicates that 83% of pet owners are anxious about the return to work and leaving their dog at home alone.

With 3.2 million people buying a pet during lockdown, Natures Menu, is supporting new pet owners with the launch of series two of The Pupcast.

Featuring dog behavioural expert and puppy trainer Kerry Ward, who is also known as the FairyDogMother, episode one discusses techniques that pet owners can put in place to prepare man’s best friend for the upcoming changes, and how you can spot signs of anxiety.

Ms Ward said: “Ensuring your puppy is happy and confident in the world, along with being comfortable being left alone, should always be a priority. If we can build optimism and confidence in the early years, they’ll be much more prepared for the various things that the different life stages can throw at them.”



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