Preparing pandemic puppies for life after lockdown

As COVID restrictions lift in England from today (Monday, July 19), Dogs Trust is urging dog owners not to forget their four-legged friends, especially so-called ‘pandemic puppies’ who still have plenty of ‘firsts’ to experience in the big wide world.

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, demand for dogs has increased and many people have welcomed a four-legged friend into their lives. To help owners prepare their dogs for normality, Dogs Trust has put together some helpful tips to help dogs cope with normal life resuming, as well as advice for owners who have brought a puppy into their lives during lockdown, who won’t yet have experienced different aspects of normal life.

Dr Rachel Casey, director of canine behaviour & research at Dogs Trust, said: “Many of us have longed for normality returning, and now we’re at near-normality, but for our dogs suddenly emerging into the world could be especially confusing.

“This is particularly the case for so called ‘pandemic puppies’ who may be experiencing new things for the first time. The good news is, it’s not too late to prepare your dog, take some time to introduce new things gradually and to teach them vital skills to help them cope with new experiences.”

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