Pets at Home warns of flea epidemic

Pets at Home has warned that the end of the UK’s longest heatwave won’t only dampen the mood of the nation but will create the optimum breeding conditions for fleas, in what could become a flea epidemic.

Flea eggs can lie dormant during cold weather and will hatch when conditions are warm and humid. The moisture in the air that comes with rainfall is necessary for eggs to hatch and continue their life cycle, from which point they will multiply rapidly and can quickly become out of control if homes and pets are not protected.

Dr Maeve Moorcroft, head of pets at Pets at Home, has advised pet owners to check their home, as well as their pet, for a flea infestation, as fleas can live within bedding as well as soft furnishings used by the whole family.

She said: “While the risk to a pet varies from animal to animal, it’s possible for a pet to become infested after missing just one preventative treatment. The great weather might have lured some owners into thinking their pets could be flea-free, but infestation can cause real suffering for pets causing them to scratch themselves and can result in hair loss or a secondary skin infection.

“Whilst it is recommended to seek regular treatment as a precaution, even during cold seasons, it is never too late to take action against fleas, especially before the rain begins.”




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