Pet groomer demand surges

A month on from the easing of certain lockdown restrictions across the UK, pet care brand Bob Martin is calling on owners to practice caution when it comes to pampering pets.

Bob Martin has identified a 350% surge in demand for dog groomers in the UK in the days following the easing of restrictions, and is now calling for caution and warning owners to avoid the dangers of over-grooming pets.

Dogs, and some cat breeds, benefit from regular grooming to remove loose hairs and dead skin cells, to keep their coats free of dirt and external parasites, and to distribute natural skin oils along the hair shafts.

However, Bob Martin is advising pet owners against opting for DIY methods or using inexperienced groomers, if they can’t make a booking due to waiting times.

Aurelie Gayraud, senior brand manager at Bob Martin, said: “We understand grooming appointments are necessary for pets after lockdown, however over-grooming and cleaning your dog too regularly can lead to some itchy consequences.

“Fur protects our pet’s skin, its largest organ, and helps regulate their body temperatures throughout the year, keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter. It also shields them from certain biting insects, diseases and helps to avoid cuts or abrasions whilst out on adventurous walks.”

Ms Gayraud continued: “Over-cleaning can wash off and interfere with the effectiveness of flea, tick and worm treatments, which could leave your pet and your home infested with nasty critters.

“As a rule of thumb, it’s best to leave a couple of days after applying treatment before washing your dog, which you should only do once a month, however this might need to be more regular, depending on how muddy your walks are.”

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