Pet owners urged to plan ahead to avoid firework distress

With fireworks season fast approaching, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) is warning millions of ‘pandemic puppy’ owners to start preparing now if they suspect their new pet may be distressed by fireworks.

Firework noise can reach up to 150 decibels, as loud as a jet engine, and dogs, cats and other pets are often particularly sensitive to noise, causing the period around Diwali (November 4) and Bonfire Night (November 5) to be traumatic and distressing for many.

BVA is concerned that millions of new owners could be caught out this year if they fail to plan ahead and prepare their pet.

BVA president Justine Shotton said: “Fireworks season is fast approaching, bringing with it all of the loud noises and bright flashes that delight crowds, but which many animals find extremely frightening. We know that many households have welcomed new animals into their home recently, including a lot of new puppies, and we’re concerned that these animals may become very distressed if proper steps aren’t taken to prepare them early.

“If owners have noticed that their pet suffers from noise phobias, such as running away or hiding when they hear loud noises such as hoovers, loud bangs, or children crying, they may be at high risk of also suffering from firework noise phobias. The signs can also be more subtle, such as changes to facial expression, reluctance to be on their own or other changes in behaviour.”

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