Norbrook offers parasite advice in new CPD Bulletin

Practical advice for diagnosing and controlling worms – the effects of which are estimated to cost the British sheep industry £84 million per year – is now available for SQPs.

Norbrook’s new CPD bulletin aims to help SQPs advise farmers on best practice parasite control strategies and profiles several of the most economically damaging types of roundworm and tapeworm, including Nematodirus battus.

Chris Geddes, Norbrook’s marketing manager, said: “Unlike other inter-species worm burdens, N battus infection is passed from one year’s lamb crop to the next, with milder temperatures liable to trigger a mass hatch of larvated eggs.

“This unusual transferral method is represented in the new CPD bulletin, with an original graphic showing the full life cycle of the worm.”

The booklet, which is approved by the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority (AMTRA), also includes a questionnaire to test understanding of the topic, which can be completed and returned to obtain two AMTRA CPD points.

SQPs who are registered on Norbrook’s ProCPD programme receive the bulletin. Qualified SQPs wishing to register for the programme and receive CPD bulletins and alerts regarding other CPD initiatives should contact their Norbrook territory manager.

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