NOAH welcomes Budget support for animal health innovation

The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has welcomed measures in the 2021 Budget to support business and encourage investment in innovation.

Dawn Howard, NOAH’s chief executive, said that ensuring a business-first environment is imperative to support the UKpost pandemic recovery and a vibrant animal health sector.

NOAH’s priorities were that the budget should ensure viable businesses can be part of the UK’s recovery, by encouraging abusiness-first approach supported by Government, with measures to make the UK an attractive place for business and investment through investment in skills, further business grants and tax breaks.

The budget also marked a time for an appreciation by Government of the huge resource that many businesses have put into their EU Exit planning.

Ms Howard said: “For the animal health industry, this has been to ensure continued supply of animal health products and services to support both the health and welfare of our livestock industry and the nation’s companion animals.

“This meant increased costs and logistical and regulatory challenges, particularly with the very specific issues experienced inNorthern Ireland trade.

Ms Howard said that NOAH was pleased to welcome the Government’s announcement to launch a formal review and consultation into R&D tax reliefs. The consultation seeks to better understand the role of R&D tax reliefs in incentivising investment in R&D.

“NOAH is pleased these fiscal steps have been taken in the budget to promote a strong environment for businesses, allowing the industry to flourish building an innovative and renewed regulatory climate where the veterinary medicine industry can be the best we can be,” Ms Howard said.

“We look forward to working with the government to ensure the continued growth of our sector and making the UK a leader in research and development.”


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