NOAH highlights opportunities in 2021

While the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has previously welcomed the free trade agreement between the UK and European Union, it has highlighted that there will be some changes at the point of import/export involving additional bureaucracy for business.

For the sector, a complete revision of the UK Veterinary Medicines Regulation 2013 will be required, and NOAH said that this will form a major focus of its work in 2021.

Dawn Howard, NOAH’s chief executive, said: “It will provide opportunities to develop the regulatory climate business needs to encourage and foster innovation in the UK. This will involve a comprehensive review to ensure that the veterinary medicines regulations are fit for purpose for many years to come.

“On areas such as the fight against AMR and sustainability, NOAH welcomes the collaborative approach set out in the trade agreement. A joined-up One Health approach is an integral part of NOAH’s Vision for Animal Health and Welfare.”

A specialised Working Group on Medicinal Products, including veterinary medicinal products, has been established under the Partnership Council set out in the agreement.

Ms Howard added: “This will assist the Specialised Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade, reviewing and ensuring proper functioning of the Annex referring to medicinal products. A mutual agreement on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and on GMP inspections is included which is welcome.

“Currently, important issues such as the mutual recognition of batch testing, certification and release; any collaboration with the EU regulatory network; mutual recognition of Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for veterinary medicines for food producing animals or UK collaboration with the EU on matters relating to pharmacovigilance are not included.”

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