NOAH 2022 Compendium book to be final printed version

NOAH has announced that the 2022 edition of the NOAH Compendium book will be the last full edition of the hard copy produced.

The free-to-access NOAH Compendium website and app will continue to provide up to date information. Thisdecision follows extensive feedback from Compendium users earlier this year and is part of NOAH’senvironmental commitment.

Dawn Howard, NOAH Chief Executive, said: “We commissioned an independent survey of users who work in veterinary practices to understand their usage and attitudes in relation to each of the formats, to help ensure that NOAH provides the Compendium information in a way that meets their needs.

We were particularly pleased with the extent of awareness and use of our digital formats, which of course provide the most up to date information. Out of the 677 survey responses, 86% were aware of the website and 45% were aware of the app – and we are confident their use will continue to grow. The app was particularly popular with the 26-35 age group, with well over two-thirds (71%) accessing it weekly.

Mrs Howard added: “It is written into our NOAH Code of Practice that Compendium participants must include any changes to an SPC in their entry on the NOAH online Compendium within 30 days of its approval by the regulatory authority – these go live on the website as soon as they are made and of course the app, which is available offline, will update daily as soon as users connect to data.

We have become increasingly aware of the disparity between the book published data which is of course only published annually and that online, and how important it is that the most up to date information is used.

“We know some people will be disappointed, as the book has been our familiar ‘go to’ over the years, but we really believe this to be the right decision as we have confidence that our online formats can provide the easy access and importantly, the accurate prescribing information that’s needed.

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