NFU: New regulation can be more effective for farmers after Brexit

A new NFU report says Government should take advantage of the opportunity Brexit presents to create a regulatory environment for farming that is streamlined, grounded in science and respects realistic farm practices.

The organisation has laid out its vision for a regulatory environment that supports farmers, the public and the environment in the final report of its Vision for the Future of Farming series.

NFU president Meurig Raymond said the NFU strongly believes that new rules can work better while maintaining the same high standards that the public expect.

Mr Raymond said: “Farmers recognise that regulation is a part of farming like any other business but they are often left frustrated with rules that do not always make practical sense on farm.

“Leaving the EU provides a unique opportunity to develop a regulatory environment that is better designed and effectively implemented to allow farmers to do what they do best – provide a safe and affordable supply of British food.”

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