New diet shown to support cardiac function in dogs

Purina has launched Pro Plan Veterinary Diets CC CardioCare, a new diet containing a blend of nutrients to support heart function.

This nutrient blend has been supported by clinical research, with a 2019 study revealing it has the potential to delay the progression of preclinical myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) in dogs.

Purina Pro-Plan Veterinary Diets – CardioCare
The CardioCare diet is based on research carried out at the Purina Technology Centre exploring how nutrients can support the ailing heart. First, a series of metabolomics studies identified key metabolic changes that occur in MMVD and established the basis of these at the molecular level. Second, a ‘Cardiac Nutritional Blend’ was designed to address these metabolic changes and this was evaluated in a clinical study.

Dr Libby Sheridan, Purina’s scientific affairs manager for the UK & Ireland, said: “We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting field and bring the benefits of our findings to vets in practice.

“CardioCare opens up a new avenue of support for patients with cardiac insufficiency and vets can use this diet as a tool to complement medical treatment.”

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