New data confirms the strength of pet ownership in Europe

New data from FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Federation, revealed that 85 million households – 195.5 million people – across the continent are pet owners.

In its annual overview of the pet population and pet market in Europe, FEDIAF said that the turnover of pet food products is €21 billion (£19.2bn) a year.

Key European data

  • 85 million households own a pet (38% of all households);
  • Annual turnover of pet food products €21 billion (£19.2bn);
  • Annual sales of pet food products 8.5bn tonnes;
  • Annual growth rate of the pet food industry 2.6%;
  • Pet related services and products valued at €19.7 bn (£18bn).

Thomas Meyer, FEDIAF secretary general, said: “We are delighted – although not surprised – to read this positive pet data. Pets are wonderful companions and enhance our lives in so many ways. In addition to offering unconditional love and companionship, science has proven the numerous ways pets are good for our health.

“During recent months, we have faced unprecedented challenges to our physical and mental health. Through these tough times, 85 million European households will have been grateful for the love their pets provided.”


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