New agri policy cannot ignore animal health and welfare as public goods

Responding to the Environment Secretary’s speech at the Oxford Farming Conference, BVA president John Fishwick outlined the veterinary vision for post-Brexit agricultural policy.

Mr Fishwick said: “Delivering public goods should be at the heart of a new post Brexit agricultural policy, benefiting producers, consumers and wider society.

“Mr Gove has committed to investing in the public goods of the natural environment, technology and skills, infrastructure, public access and rural resilience. Yet any post Brexit agricultural policy must also support animal health and welfare as public goods, since these are the very reasons that we have our global reputation for agricultural produce and high standards.”

Mr Fishwick continued: “In equipping the next generation of farmers with the latest tech and training, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of continued side-by-side working between farmers and local vets in order to optimise animal health and welfare, productivity and competitiveness.

“While Brexit presents an opportunity to tailor our agricultural policy, coordination and oversight across the UK remains crucial. We are keen to hear how agricultural policy, including animal health and welfare challenges, will be jointly tackled by the four administrations of the UK.”


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