Natures Menu launches podcast to support pet owners

Natures Menu has launched a new podcast to support dog owners after a recent survey found that nearly a third (32%) of dog owners feel they need more guidance when it comes to managing their dog’s behaviour.

Hosted by Melanie Sainsbury, Natures Menu’s veterinary education manager and the first-ever podcast for the brand, The Pupcast, will help puppy owners navigate the memorable, and potentially quite daunting journey as their furry friend goes through adolescence, which surprisingly nearly two fifths (38%) of owners didn’t know their pet experienced.

A survey of more than 1,000 dog owners was commissioned by Natures Menu, and has revealed that almost a third (29%) of dog owners regret buying their dog, and while nearly a fifth (18%) of those plan to persevere, sadly over a tenth (11%) want to give their pet up for adoption because they are unable to care for them.

The Pupcast covers the key concerns for new dog owners – from weaning, to socialising with other dogs and humans, as well as top training tips for misbehaving dogs.

James Langan, Natures Menu’s managing director, said: “We are pleased to launch The Pupcast, our debut podcast, which is there to help new puppy and teenage dog owners manage the often-unpredictable times ahead.

“Natures Menu has been leading the way when it comes to providing support and guidance for dog owners for almost 40 years and we are delighted to welcome a range of expert guests across the pet industry to share their words of wisdom on The Pupcast.”


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