Natures Menu introduces complete meals for working dogs

Natures Menu has unveiled a selection of Complete Working Dog Meals to add to its Home Prepare range, which is exclusive to the specialist pet trade.

The Working Dog complete high calorie meals have been formulated using 85% specially selected cuts of meat, which aim to help sustain energy levels to suit a working dog’s energetic lifestyle.

Blended with fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, the new range is a complete and balanced food as opposed to complementary – targeting any breed of dog that is used as a working dog, such as a working sheep dog, gun dog or racing greyhound.

The grain and gluten-free meals are available in 1kg packs containing two 500g raw blocks, with three variants to choose from: chicken, which has an RRP £3.09; chicken & tripe, which has an RRP of £3.59; and beef & chicken, which has an RRP of £3.59.

Natures Menu is also offering special freezer deals for retailers and the launch is being supported by email marketing as well as dedicated POS and freezer wraps.

Peter Roy, business development director at Natures Menu, said: “The Working Dog Complete Meals perfectly fill the gap in our current Home Prepare portfolio.

“Working dog foods should be higher in energy, and this range has been specially selected to ensure it’s suitable for the likes of working sheep dogs, trained gun dogs or racing greyhounds.”

Mr Roy added: “We’re excited to be able to offer the new launch to our specialist trade partners, offering them a unique range from Natures Menu that won’t be available elsewhere.”

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