MPs get top-line summary of dry weather and the impact on farming

The NFU’s External Affairs Team has circulated a top line briefing to MPs this week outlining the impact of this summer’s dry weather on farming.

The two-page summary will be used as a springboard to brief MPs in more detail and to set-up in face to face meetings.

In the briefing, which includes a sector by sector analysis, the NFU’s Westminster-based team states: “The extended period of dry weather has placed additional pressures on farmers. A lack of rainfall has meant poor grass growth for livestock and dairy farmers, and some arable farmers will have seen no recordable rainfall at a critical time for their crops.

“In developing any new domestic agriculture policy, the government must recognise the unique exposure to volatility and market failure faced by farmers.”

Last week, the Water for Food Group of farming organisations met with environmental groups and government agencies as part of Defra’s National Drought Group to review the current situation.

All parties agreed that, while the situation has improved following recent rainfall, the UK is still in a very difficult position; some farming sectors remain vulnerable and some environmental features are fragile.

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