More cats rescued than any other animal

The RSPCA has reported that it rescued more cats than any other animal last year after it collected more than 22,000 as a result of calls to the national cruelty line.

This month, the RSPCA is running its rehoming drive, Adoptober, as the charity revealed that its inspectors rescued the equivalent of more than 60 cats per day – this is more than any other animal nationally and is four times the number of dogs (5,930).

RSPCA’s cat welfare expert, Alice Potter, said: “Sadly, we know that cats are an extremely misunderstood pet and can often find themselves the victims of poor care.

“Our inspectorate is getting calls every day from worried members of the public reporting cruel treatment towards these animals. The number of cats we’re rescuing is equivalent to 60 per day, which is far too high.”

Ms Potter added: “Cats can become victims of air gun attacks as well as poisonings (both accidental and deliberate). Just like dogs they can also become victims of over breeding and over population.

“We know that the answer to a lot of the problems relating to cats in this country is increasing the number of neuterings, which in turn will lead to fewer unwanted animals coming into our centres and branches.”

The RSPCA is calling for cat owners to neuter their cats at around four months old, rather than six months, which can greatly reduce the risk of them getting pregnant and owners being stuck with an unwanted litter.

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