Moneyfacts unveils pet insurance Star Ratings

Research from American Express has found that Brits spend £227 million a year to take their dog on holiday.

The collective spend is based on an average £114 spend per pet, with food, lodging and transportation costs all adding to the bill. However, not considered in these costs is pet insurance.

Moneyfacts said it has rooted through all the pet insurance policies in the market to find the ones that are best in class.

Samantha Owens, insight manager at Moneyfacts, said: “Our pets become a big part of our lives. So, when they are sick or injured, providing them with the best care is important. Searching through hundreds of pet insurance policies can be confusing and it’s often hard for the customer to know if they have found the right level of cover.”

Ms Owens said it is worth remembering that not all pet insurance policies will have travel cover included as default – even those that have been awarded a Star Rating of four or five.

She added: “The Moneyfacts Pet Insurance Star Ratings help customers direct their focus by highlighting the most comprehensive products with the most competitive limits, for both cat and dog policies.

“Making sure your pet is covered, no matter where you are, can be a great relief not just for your pet, but also for your wallet.”

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