Lack of puppy awareness could be putting families at risk

There is an urgent need for SQPs to educate pet owners with new puppies, especially with regards to parasites, Bayer has said.

The company says that unbeknown to some puppy owners, most puppies are born with intestinal roundworms, passed on from their mother before the pup is even born. This unfortunately puts pets and their human families at serious risk of illness. In addition, puppies can pick up a roundworm infestation through suckling and the breeding environment.

Paul Manktelow,vet and TV personality, working on behalf of Drontal, said: “Untreated puppies can, without their owners knowing, pass on worm-related infections to humans through contact. It’s important to worm puppies regularly to not only help prevent them from getting unwell but also to help keep the family protected as well.

“Directing your customers to trusted wormers, is the best way to help keep their whole family protected against the effects of worms and ensure they can enjoy all the happiness a new puppy brings.”

Mr Manktelow said that puppies need to be given worming treatment with a suitable product from two weeks of age, and then every two weeks until they are 12 weeks old, as they will continually be re-infected when they suckle milk, and worms can cause more serious symptoms in puppies at this young age.

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