Join the march towards stamping out lameness

UK sheep producers are being encouraged to join the march towards stamping out lameness in the national flock when the industry highlights how to take the first step towards better control during July.

Independent experts point out that the later summer months are a great time to start implementing the proven Five-Point Plan for sheep lameness reduction, so there will be plenty of advice available throughout this period to help farmers kick-start their own disease management programme.

Dr Ruth Clements, head of veterinary programmes at farm-based research and development organisation FAI Farms, which developed the Five-Point Plan, said: “The sheep industry has made real progress with lameness over the last five years but must maintain momentum if it is to meet the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) target of two per cent disease incidence in the national flock by 2021.

“Implemented correctly and given long term commitment, the Five-Point Plan gives sheep farmers a clear framework for managing lameness effectively because it builds natural disease resilience within the flock, reduces the disease challenge and spread on the farm, and improves flock immunity through vaccination.

“More widespread adoption on farm will also help the sheep sector cut its use of antibiotics for foot infections and meet new industry targets; a sheep sector task force facilitated by RUMA has already signed up to a 10 per cent reduction in antibiotic use by 2020.”

Dr Clements said sheep farmers are generally keen to get on top of any flock lameness issues, but sometimes feel helpless and often find it difficult to know how and where to start.

“Now’s the time to start thinking about it seriously,” she said. “Weaning is an ideal time to cull out any ewes with chronic feet, re-set the breeding flock for the new sheep year and build from there.”

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