Increasing demand on veterinary industry hits home

With growing concerns from pet owners on the difficulties of finding access to a vet, and more and more practices facing increasing difficulties in recruiting enough veterinary staff to fill rotas, the key role of an SQP has never been more strongly felt.

AMTRA said a combination of factors, including fewer EU-qualified vets working in the UK, professionals simply leaving the industry, or the increasing number of households welcoming companion animals into their homes, particularly through the pandemic, make it clear there is a strain on the veterinary industry.

AMTRA said SQPs, therefore, play an even more vital role in providing pet owners with access to qualified, and dedicated advice and guidance to help keep animals healthy, including on flea, tick and worm control measures.

“Pet stores and retailers continue to recognise the importance of providing customers with access to registered professionals with a tailored qualification in veterinary medicines advice,” said AMTRA secretary general Stephen Dawson.

“We have seen significant increases in companion animal ownership in the last 18 months, and this in turn increases demands on the provision of qualified advice on treatments and the supply of veterinary medicines.”

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