Helping pets adjust when owners go back to work after lockdown

As people return to work, the RSPCA is issuing advice to dog owners to help their pets adjust to the change.

While life has changed significantly during the COVID-19 lockdown, the RSPCA highlighted that it’s also changed for the nation’s dogs. When the restrictions are lifted, we will have to adjust again to returning to our normal routines – and pets will too.

Sarah Tapsell, one of the RSPCA’s regional clinical animal behaviourists, said: “Owners may have changed their routine with their dog if they have been home more. Times for feeding, playing, walking and attention may all be slightly different. Dogs may be getting more or less of these things than before depending on the changes in the schedules of owners.

“Changes in routine are something a dog can adapt to, but it’s important for owners to think ahead and begin to make gradual changes before they change their routine again when they go back to work.”

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