Heatwave warning as dog swallows discarded BBQ skewer

Vets are warning about the dangers leftover barbecues pose to pets after a Bristol dog needed life-saving surgery to remove a kebab skewer.

Five-year-old Labrador-cross Mutley is credited with changing the life of his owner, who has anxiety. But he almost lost his own life when he came across the remains of a barbecue while walking in woods.

Thankfully, owner Amanda Lawrence spotted Mutley wolfing down a sausage and skewer so acted immediately. He was rushed to vets at Bristol PDSA Pet Hospital for emergency surgery and is now recovering back at home.

PDSA vet Simon Wheeler said: “Mutley was actually quite bright and lively when he came to us. Amanda’s quick reaction undoubtedly prevented the skewer from causing serious internal injuries or an infection. If she hadn’t spotted it happening, the skewer could have been inside his body for days and even pierced his organs which could have been life-threatening.

“This could have ended very differently for Mutley. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to tidy up any kind of litter. And with the sun set to continue shining, anyone enjoying a barbecue should be extra vigilant if there are pets around.”



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