Gove recognises animal welfare as a public good

The British Veterinary Association said it has warmly welcomed Defra Secretary of State Michael Gove’s statement that animal welfare is a public good that could be funded under a future agricultural policy after the UK leaves the EU.

Commenting on Mr Gove’s speech at this week’s NFU Conference, BVA president John Fishwick said: “It is essential that the UK’s post-Brexit agriculture policy recognises animal health and welfare as public goods.

“If we are to maintain our global reputation for high standards of animal health and welfare and improve our trade links with the rest of the world, any future investment in the UK farming industry must be targeted at measures to maintain and enhance those standards.”

Mr Fishwick continued: “After Mr Gove spoke at the Oxford Farming Conference in January, we expressed our disappointment that his vision for post-Brexit agriculture policy didn’t include animal welfare as a public good.

“We are therefore delighted at this new statement which chimes with the veterinary profession’s commitment to continually improve animal health and welfare in the UK.”

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