Eco-firm Beco says dog owners can play lead role in protecting the environment

Leading ‘green’ pet products company Beco said Britain’s 10 million dog owners can play a lead role in safeguarding the environment after COVID-19.

During lockdown, air quality improved, pollution has eased, public appreciation of nature and green spaces has grown – but threats from global warming and plastic pollution in our oceans remain.

As the UK slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Beco said it wants to encourage British dog owners to make more environmentally friendly choices as ‘pet parents’.

George Bramble, Beco’s founder and managing director, added: “This next chapter in Beco’s journey is, for us, both challenging and exciting. As we leave COVID-19 lockdown, we’re keen to encourage dog walking which can enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. But the ongoing threats to our environment go wider.

“As a company, we feel a commitment to the planet and our customers to create the best products we can, whilst striving to be as sustainable as possible. From products to process, our team has worked incredibly hard to make everything the best it can possibly be.”

Mr Bramble added: “As a business we’re not perfect, but our materials and ingredients reflect who we are, whether that be the wild-caught fish that goes into our dog food, the hypoallergenic BPA-free bamboo that goes into our bowls or the natural rubber that makes up our toy balls.

“We are striving to create the most sustainable pet products possible. By using fully recyclable and compostable materials, we try to ensure that what we borrow from nature, we also give back.”

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