Agri-policy vacuum demands fine tuning for GB beef and sheep

For sheep and cattle vaccinations given in the next three months to be fully effective, Animax has warned that farmers are reminded that a well-functioning immune system is essential.

However, if livestock’s trace element status is below par, even sub-clinically, this may not beachieved, said Animax vet Dr Elizabeth Berry.

Dr Berry advises that all the trace elements are involved, each with a specific role.

“But if just one is lacking, this can impact on immune function,” she warned. “Many think only of selenium and its role in white blood cells and free radicals, but copper, cobalt and iodine also all have a role.”

Dr Berry reports that among a wide choice of supplementation methods, time-pressured farmers are opting for a 180-day ‘trickle charge’ of micronutrients offered by Tracesure leaching bolus technology.

“Timing is flexible,” she said, “typically four to six weeks before lambing, calving or spring turnout, then repeated six months later.

“In this post-election agri-policy vacuum before a new Agriculture Bill is passed, getting sheep and cattle fine tuned for robust health, high growth rates and optimal forage efficiency make sound business sense.”

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