Covid-19: Advice for pet shops

The Canine & Feline Sector Group (CFSG) has issued advice for pet shop retailers amid the lockdown brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pet shops have not been required to close and can continue to provide pet food and other essential supplies. A journey solely to purchase a pet is not considered essential and is not allowed. If pet shops sell pets, they should only do so when the customer has come to the shop to purchase essential items.

A spokesperson for the CFSG said: “Selling those already in stock or coming through the supply chain may continue under that provision providing adequate recommended social distance and health precautions can be maintained at all times.

“A decision to sell small pets should be made on an individual basis having made a risk assessment of the pet shop’s ability to carry out the function in accordance with government’s coronavirus safety guidelines and subject to the ability of staff on duty to provide informed care advice about the particular species being sold.

“Pet shops can also consider arrangements for home delivery of items.”

The CFSG said that at the point-of-sale, pets should be wiped over with a single-use disposable damp cloth wherever practical and the cloth disposed of properly afterwards.

The spokesperson added: “The pet should be placed in a secure container that has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.”

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