Cat food recalled over fears it could cause potentially fatal illness

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is currently investigating a spike in cats presenting with the symptoms of pancytopenia.

This is a condition which causes a deficiency in all types of blood cells. Symptoms can include fever, pale gums, blood in the urine and faeces and bleeding from the nose.

At present, the cause is unknown, however initial data from the RVC highlights a potential link with certain dry hypoallergenic cat foods.

At this point this has been narrowed down to one manufacturer producing for three brands – AVA (Pets at Home), Applaws and a Sainsbury’s hypoallergenic product.

In a statement, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association said: “This is a distressing situation and whilst further investigations are ongoing, a product recall has been issued for each of these brands. Full details and a list of affected products are available at the Food Standards Agency.

Advice to cat owners

  • If you have bought any of the listed products you should stop feeding them to your cat.
  • If you have bought an AVA product contact and fill out the contact form on the help page or livechat.
  • If you have bought an Applaws product contact
  • If you have bought a Sainsbury’s product contact or their Customer Careline on 0800 636262.
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