BVA launches diet warning for rabbits

In Rabbit Awareness Week, which runs until next Sunday, a survey from the British Veterinary Association found that five of the top six rabbit health problems vets see in practice are attributable to poor diet.

While many rabbit owners may know that a rabbit’s favourite snack, the carrot, should only be fed as an occasional treat due to its high sugar content, many myths still prevail around the best food for their pets.

Misconceptions about feeding mean many vets are seeing rabbits suffering from preventable, and sometimes fatal, health issues like obesity, gut problems and dental disease.

BVA president John Fishwick said: “Rabbits make fantastic pets, but unfortunately many vets are seeing rabbits suffering from completely preventable illnesses due to a poor diet. Rabbits need a fibre-based diet packed with clean hay, grass and leafy greens such as broccoli, cabbage and kale to help prevent stomach issues as well as dental problems, which ranks among the most common rabbit complaint seen by vets.

“Any changes to your rabbit’s diet should be made gradually, with advice from your vet, to avoid dangerous digestive problems.”

For Rabbit Awareness Week, BVA is sharing top tips to guide pet owners to avoid ‘bunny spoilers’ and ensure that they are feeding their pets a nutritious and balanced diet.

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