BVA calls for ‘hub and spoke’ model for integrated animal care

In response to the rapid changes in the veterinary environment, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has launched a vision for effective teamwork between vets and allied professionals with the aim of improving animal health, animal welfare and public health.

BVA’s concept of the vet-led team calls on vets and appropriately trained and regulated allied professionals to use a ‘hub and spoke’ model that has the vet at its heart to coordinate services for clients and patients.

The BVA said its recommendations recognise that the profession is operating within a rapidly changing environment, including an expansion in the range of allied professionals, concerns regarding veterinary workforce shortages, technological innovations, and changes in the expectations of pet owners, farmers, industry and other clients.

BVA president Simon Doherty said: “Against an evolving landscape, it’s essential that the veterinary profession keeps pace with change and addresses the challenges and opportunities it presents.

“Vets across sectors have always worked closely with allied professionals. The hub and spoke model acknowledges and clarifies this working relationship with clear lines of accountability and responsibility for the animals under our care. It also emphasises that vets’ right to diagnose, prescribe, and undertake surgical procedures and medical treatments must not be undermined.”

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