Britons to splash £274 million on pets this Christmas

Pet owners are set to spend around £274 million on pets this Christmas, with 81% of Brits admitting to buying their four-legged friend a gift, according to research released today.

A study of UK pet-owners, commissioned by Natures Menu, has revealed the average amount Brits spend on canines or felines during the festive season is between £10 and £30. However, 8% of the nation will spend more than £50 – more than what they spend on a relative!

Melanie Sainsbury, veterinary educational manager at Natures Menu, said: “The research shows that our dogs and cats really are part of the family, with such a high proportion due to find a gift under the tree this Christmas. However, it’s important that we buy the right gift to make them purr with pleasure or wag with excitement!

“Just like us, some pets are known to put on weight over the Christmas period, therefore presents which encourage exercise are always a hit for health and wellbeing. Always ensure that whatever item you purchase for your pet, they are always monitored whilst playing with it and be sure to remove any damaged or broken toys immediately to prevent any emergency trips to the vets over Christmas.”

Ms Sainsbury added: “With over half of us giving our pet their favourite treat this Christmas, it’s important to buy from reputable companies. A treat doesn’t have to be Santa shaped or sugar laden – natural un-cooked bones, chews and high meat chunks are usually most welcome and no matter how wide those puppy eyes get, never chocolate, mince pies or Christmas cake.”

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