Boehringer Ingelheim adds to the Bovikalc range

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has launched a new addition to the Bovikalc range, with the launch of Bovikalc Dry. The company said that this expansion of the Bovikalc range will support its goal to improve lactation cycle management and to address several issues met by dairy farmers at drying off.

The company said: “The dry period is a crucial resting period in a dairy cow’s lactation cycle, but unfortunately it can present challenges which may have a negative impact on both the health and welfare of the cow. Udder engorgement caused by the accumulation of milk may cause discomfort for the cow and predisposes dry cows to increased risk of new intra-mammary infections.

“Bovikalc Dry aims to address these issues by helping to support the natural reduction in milk production after cessation of milking. Reduced milk production helps to reduce milk congestion in the udder.”

Bovikalc Dry is an oral mineral supplement bolus to be given to dairy cows at drying off that contains anionic salts: ammonium chloride, calcium chloride and calcium sulphate.


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