Blowfly risk level increasing to ‘medium’ across more regions of the UK

Real-time updates on blowfly risk – produced via an ongoing collaboration between Elanco and the National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS) – now show the risk level increasing to ‘medium’ across more regions of the country.

Richard Wall, Professor of Zoology (Ectoparasite Specialist) and compiler of the Blowfly Risk Alerts, said: “The very warm recent weather has begun to increase the strike risk, particularly in southern England and South Wales because the blowflies are more active.

“However, the lack of rain means that most lambs should be dry, which helps to increase the mortality of fly eggs and larvae, reducing strike risk. Shearing will also significantly reduce the risk for ewes.”

Professor Wall added: “Of concern is that any rain in the next few weeks will start to increase the risk substantially, particularly for lambs. Continuation of the warm weather will gradually see the strike risk increase in more northerly areas over the next few weeks.”


NADIS key:
Low risk: No significant risk
Medium risk: One in 2500 animals might be struck
High risk: One in 500 animals might be struck
Severe risk: One in 100 animals might be struck

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