Bimeda encourages farmers to consider plunge dipping

With blowfly season fast approaching, Bimeda is encouraging farmers to consider plunge dipping as an effective and cost-effective means of preventing and treating blowfly strike this summer.

The company said plunge dipping with an OP dip is also an effective means of preventing and treating scab, lice, ticks and keds, making it a great choice for farmers who require broad spectrum parasite control.

Bimeda marketing manager Mary van Dijk said: “Use of OP dip is well established for the control of ecto-parasites such as scab and lice in autumn, but many farmers are unaware of the fact that it is also licensed for the prevention and treatment of blowfly.

“What’s more, dipping is extremely cost effective, and we would encourage farmers to speak to their local animal health supplier, to understand whether they could make a considerable cost saving, by switching to dipping for blowfly prevention and treatment.”

Ms van Dijk added: “Like any business, sheep farmers will no doubt be keen to understand any opportunities to improve their profit margins, without compromising on quality, and a switch to dipping could potentially offer such an opportunity.

“It will be important for farmers to speak to their local SQPs and vets, to understand what measures to ensure disease control, animal welfare and profitability are most appropriate for their farm.”

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