Beaphar Dental Powder, the natural, no-brush solution for healthy teeth

Beaphar has added Beaphar Dental Powder to its dental range.

With 80% of all dogs experiencing dental issues by the age of three, Beaphar said it is even more important to ensure that dental care is on top of your customers’ list

Beaphar Dental Powder uses natural seaweed to combat plaque build-up (the most common form of dental disease), working instantly when in contact with saliva, continuing to work long after ingestion. The powder, which comes with a measuring scoop, is added to the pets’ daily food and is an ideal alternative to brushing, giving pets healthy teeth and owners reassurance that they are taking care of their pet’s dental needs.

Sue Huggett, business manager at Beaphar UK, said continuous daily use will help to prevent dental disease that can sometimes lead to oral disease, which, if left untreated, can lead to discomfort, avoidable visits to the vets or periodontal disease, which can be irreversible.

“We are delighted to introduce Beaphar Dental Powder to the range as we appreciate that daily brushing can be a chore for some pet owners,” said Mrs Huggett.

“Seaweed has excellent natural properties to help pet owners to fight the constant battle against dental decay. For those struggling with daily tooth brushing, it’s a great alternative and means that they can stay on top of their pet’s dental care, to help banish bad breath and prevent oral disease, for good.”

The Beaphar dental range has a number of options for owners to take care of their pet’s dental health, from the “Gold-Standard” Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste for daily use, to Beaphar Tooth Gel, and Beaphar Fresh Breath Spray.

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