Animax highlights changes to sheep boluses regulations

Animax said that many farmers will be unaware that since July 17, Selenium Selenite is the only Selenium approved by the European Food Standard Agency (EFSA) as a feed additive for use in sheep boluses sold in Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Dr Elizabeth Berry BVSC, PhD, MRCVS, veterinary director at Animax, confirmed that all of its Tracesure boluses contain Selenium Selenite and are authorised for use with sheep, lambs, and cattle.

Dr Berry said: “Selenium is essential for a wide variety of immune responses in cattle and sheep and a deficiency can impact on overall production. For example, a selenium deficiency can reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells by altering both their numbers, activity and speed getting to the site of infections.

“Clinical signs of selenium deficiency include late abortion, stillbirth, or weak calves or lambs with enlarged thyroids, retained placenta, low immunity to infection in all ages of cattle and reduced fertility in bulls.”

It may also cause muscular stiffness, recumbency, difficult breathing and poor weight gains in younger cattle.

Dr Berry added: “One of the most effective and convenient way is to give all animals a slow release bolus. The bolus will ensure that each animal gets the required levels to offset any deficiencies in a grazing system.

“Ensuring trace element requirements are met at this critical time of year will not only prepare ewes and lambs for a fertile breeding season but will also help to reduce the chance of unknown issues arising, and the associated stress.”

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