AHDA offers advice regarding sales of rodenticides

The aim of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) is to protect wildlife while promoting and providing effective rodent control through the responsible use of rodenticides.

The strength of anticoagulant rodenticide and pack sizes has been updated in order to comply with health and safety regulations as part of an EU directive. These changes impact on who can purchase certain rodenticide products.

Professional market
Bryan Lovegrove, AHDA’s secretary general, said: “A professional user of rodenticide is a person who either holds CRRU approved certification following a training course or a farmer who is registered on a farm assurance scheme that is recognised by CRRU.

“For a customer to purchase a professional pack of rodenticide the purchaser must prove that they hold appropriate certification. This can be that the retailer retains relevant records on their system for their account customers or the purchaser must show evidence that they are able to make a purchase as a professional user.”

Only the registered professional can make a purchase unless permission has been given by this person on a signeddeclaration formthathas been completed and is available at time of purchase. This would enable the nominated person on the form to make a purchase

“Without an approved certificate or registered on a farm assurance scheme, the other option is to purchase products for the non-professional market,” Mr Lovegrove said.

Non-Professional market
Mr Lovegrove continued: “For the non-professional market, the level of active ingredients in anticoagulant rodenticide have been reduced from 0.005% (50ppm) to (less than or equal to) 0.003% (30ppm) to help protect human health.”

There is a maximum pack size of 300g in block form, if labelled for rats and mice. For wheat products that are labelled for rats and mice the maximum pack size is 150g.

He added: “Multiple packs can be sold to each customer at the same time. Large professional packs cannot be broken down into smaller pack sizes.”

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