Owning a dog can set pet lovers back more than £25,000, says new research

Owning a dog can set pet lovers back more than £25,000 over its typical nine-year lifetime, a study found.

The research was compiled by comparethemarket.com in collaboration with star of Vets in Practice and author, Emma Milne.

Ms Milne said: “Having a dog can be one of life’s most rewarding things, and we would never want to deter anyone from purchasing a pup. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, ‘a dog isn’t just for Christmas’ and the harsh reality is there are hundreds of dogs left abandoned every single year.

“We want to highlight what an important decision it is to buy a dog. Whilst it’s important to understand how much a dog can cost, we should always remember that life with a dog is absolutely priceless.”

Saint Bernards came out as the most expensive breed with vet bills and food costing £25,808. Beagles were named among the cheapest breeds to look after but still set their owner back an average of £15,707 over a lifetime.

Stephanie Corbett, head of pet insurance at comparethemarket.com, said: “With the festive season fast approaching, before buying that new pup for your family, there’s an awful lot to consider first.

“Whether it’s the cost of pet insurance, food, doggy day-care, or simply the time needed to invest in your dog, the expense of a pet can really mount up.”


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