Fridge storage failures top VMD’s non-compliance list

Failures in fridge storage practice tops the 2016 list of non-compliances at SQP retailers – just as it has done for the past five years.

Christine Paine, head of surveillance for the VMD, told this year’s AHDA conference that incorrect fridge temperature records were the commonest error. Commonest non-compliances were, in order:

  1. 1.Vaccine fridge temperature records
  2. Segregation of out of date/unsaleable VMPs
  3. Incorrect SQP involvement
  4. Incorrect storage
  5. Incomplete POM records
  6. Incorrect medicines/advice for horses

On veterinary practice premises, the top failings were:

  1. No/inadequate CD records
  2. Written procedures required
  3. No/inadequate temperature records
  4. Medicines audit and disposal records
  5. Broach dates exceeded/not recorded
  6. Incomplete POM records
  7. Labelling issues

The VMD made three prosecutions last year. These related to importation, possession and supply of unauthorised medicines and prescription fraud. Ten seizure notices and 12 improvement notices were issued.

“The seizure notices related mostly to non-UK authorised medicines,” said Mrs Paine. “A lot are internet sales, mainly from China.

Improvement notices centred on supply from non-approved premises; supply by an unqualified person; no involvement of a qualified person in the prescribing/supply process and inappropriate advertising.

Inspection findings are rated as good, bad, poor or unacceptable.

Merchant (AM) premises figures were 91.2% good ratings, 7% acceptable, 1.2% poor and 0.6% unacceptable, from 177 inspections.

Saddler (AS) figures were 100% good, from 35 inspections.

Pet store (AS) figures were 97.8% good and 2.2% acceptable, from 140 inspections.

Equine only (AJ) were 100% good, from six inspections.

Vet practice premises (VPP) were 75.5% good, 21.2% acceptable, 3.1% poor and 0.2% unacceptable, from 518 inspections.

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